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The importance of language in the early years

A child language capability is shaped by the quality of their day-to-day language and interactional environment. Most importantly, the people in their lives who mindfully and positively engage with the child are the key contributors to his or her uptake potential. Families, and ECE and early years primary school educators, are these prime contributors. Without their available scaffolding, a child will minimally learn. Language sits at the heart of this interactional scaffolding – quality language engaging the child meaningfully in a wide range of contexts and situations.


Jannie will focus on how to optimise the astounding uptake potential of young children. Gifting knowledge and capability primarily through the most powerful meaning-making tool humans possesses – language, is the means. Children’s thinking and verbal progress and expansion depends on receiving quality language in noticing ways.


The last 20 mins of the webinar hour will be dedicated to responding to in-coming questions or further explanations from webinar participants.

Cost: NZD25.00

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