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All packs are sold in ready-to-use format. Every part is laminated and bagged for ease of use, and accompanied by a user guide. The user guide provides carefully planned and trialed steps designed to move through the pack with learners so they are scaffolded to acquire content and language at their appropriate age and stage.
The packaging is carefully labelled for ease of sorting and organising parts and pieces after each use. Lamination gives the resource ‘long life’ capability, and makes for bright and clear print and images.

Designed and researched by Dr Jannie van Hees and Sandra Payne, experienced classroom teachers, leading experts in English language acquisition 

The PACKs are based on scaffolded learning principles; they build concepts, vocabulary, and language in an outward and upward spiral of consolidation; use an integration of visual, oral and written language; are manipulative, activating and participatory; give the crucial input needed for effective learning and language development. Materials are organised into sortable, clearly labelled bags to make organisation and storage of resource material easy and manageable.

Available PACKs


This communicative board game is fun, motivating, challenging, absorbing and extremely adaptable. All students, no matter what language or knowledge base, are able to select and play to suit their own cognitive and confidence capability.  

The game is active, participatory, maximises interaction, and uses general and specific language and contexts. Making choices and connecting meaningfully with the materials and other players is integral to the game. There are 180 different activity cards at six complexity levels.  These challenge the players to think creatively and laterally, within a framework of co-operation and sharing.  It is a game that will give hours of pleasure and extension.

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